More and more complex laws and regulations are implemented in the financial sector. This responsibility takes a lot of time and money. At the same time, the end investor is increasingly focusing on costs. This creates friction for which FundShare Fund Management has various solutions.


Fund solutions

With a Sub-Fund in our umbrella funds (UCITS and AIFMD) you can serve all your customers with one clear portfolio in a low costs and an efficient structure. You need less time and costs for peripheral matters, so you can focus on executing your investment vision.

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Cash solutions

Since the introduction of MiFID II, there are for ‘beleggersgiro’ accounts new requirements for surplus cash from retails customers. This cash may not be held by ‘(Stichting) beleggersgiro’, but must be invested in a qualified money market fund (QMMF). FundShare has 7 Cash Funds in various European currencies and USD. These funds are qualified as a QMMF and are available in 17 European countries.

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Prime Broker / Distribution

Our sister company DeGiro is our prime broker. They have an innovative platform with access to markets worldwide at very low costs. Via DeGiro professional services you have access to their OTC network. They process the settlements and do the reconciliation of the transactions.

The onboarding of customers goes through a fully in-house developed automatic process. The KYC and AML processes are continuously performed by DeGiro.

Through our partnership with online broker DeGiro, our funds and their distribution are fully integrated into the system and immediately available to more than 400,000 customers.

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The administration is fully managed by FundShare Administration (FSA). FSA is a sister company of FundShare Fund Management. They do the NAV calculations, participant administration and external audit support. The process is efficient and transparent, because the IT system for fund administration has been developed internally. This ensures a fast, flexible and safe environment.

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The depositary of our funds is Kas Trust & Depositary Services BV, Kas Trust was established on 9 June 1966 and has its registered office in Amsterdam. The depositary is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under number 33117326. Kas Trust is a part of Kas Bank which was recently acquired by CACEIS. The financial statements of Kas Trust are included with the documents.

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